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Identity Restoration

     We can all live the fullness of our identity

What is this about

Identity Restoration is modelled on Identity Coaching developed by Ray Leight of Faith by Grace ministry. It is a blend of combined experience of coaching, mentoring, discipling pastoring, inner healing teaching based on Scripture. Each session is about 2 hours and is a time for you to slow down from the busyness of life and get to know yourself. 

The minster will help you to take inventory of your heart and find out the truth of your identity, your unhealthy beliefs, how you self-protect, and what God has available for you. You will be equipped with the information necessary to be able to choose the truth of who you are created to be, and empowered to live the fullness of that truth. You will find identity, acceptance, understanding, love and purpose.

Book an Appointment

You will be required to submit a Pre-Session Form at least 24 hours before the booked session. The Pre-Session Form can be completed online or you can print it out and send it back to us by email :

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